Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sardines on Charcoal - Monday 9th July

Freda's has been doing Monday night food specials for a few months now, starting with the well received Lamb in the Laneway (which will be back soon folks). 

Most recently Chef Ibs put together a beauty of a dish with the main feature being sardines cooked over a charcoal BBQ. Sardines on Charcoal will be back this coming Monday 9th July.

The dish features the delectable BBQ sardines, a village salad and freshly made creamy and smooth tzatziki.

Inspired by a trip to Greece a few years back...

Winter is fish season, the cooler waters are naturally making fish eat more and it's the best time for us to be eating it. Especially the Oily variety such as Sardines.

The sardines are lovingly scaled, gutted and cleaned by hand, then marinated in parsley, garlic & olive oil...

The marinated sardines are then cooked to order over charcoal!

Charcoal Sardines, village salad & a glass of white wine $22

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tuesday Tastings - #1 Whisky - Tuesday 17th July

Freda's presents a new semi-regular Tuesday night tasting...

#1 Whisky - Tuesday 17th July 7-8pm

With special guest host Dan Woolley - Whisky guru and nominated Whisky ambassador from World of Whisky in Double Bay

“For me, whisky almost has a mystical magic about it and if you’ve ever been to a distillery you’ll probably agree. My father loved whisky, his father loved whisky so you could say that my love for whisky was pre-determined. The different regions and flavours are very diverse and its history reads almost like a medieval romantic war story. The most attractive quality about whisky to me is the taste, I simply love it.” - Dan Woolley (from interview with Dan)

6 Drams of Whiskey matched with 6 tasting plates from Freda's menu - $60 per person

Strictly limited places - Call Freda's on 8971 7336 to book!